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Mailbox Damage

Each year, the Town receives numerous reports of damaged mailboxes. Most often, this damage is not a result of direct plow contact with the box, but rather a result of wet, heavy snow being thrown at the box. Below are some ways to protect your mailbox and ensure uninterrupted mail delivery all winter long.

Install a snow shield. A simple sheet of plywood anchored by posts or stakes will help prevent flying snow from hitting your box. 

Change your support style. The typical box on post may not work for your location. Consider installing a swing-away style support, or an arched, galvanized steel support.

Move your mailbox. If none of the previous modifications have worked and your box consistently sustains damage, you may need to move your mailbox. Please consult with your local post office to determine the best new location.


If you believe your box was hit by the plow itself, please email us. If, after an on-site evaluation, the patrolman finds the plow to be at fault, you will need to submit receipts if you wish to be compensated. You may read the Town policy on mailbox damage here. Springdale will reimburse up to $75 for replacement parts (labor not reimbursed) for your new mailbox.