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Rustic Road - Route 124

Town Hall Road has officially been designated as Wisconsin's newest rustic road - Rustic Road 124. Travellers will notice the official brown, rustic road signage in multiple locations - at County Highway S just before Town Hall Road, on Town Hall Road just before Early Autumn Road, at Ridgeview Road by the Springdale Lutheran Church, and at the end of the route near State Highway 92. 

Thanks to the committed and enthusiastic efforts of Town Supervisor Wayne Hefty, a petition was signed by over 30 residents of Town Hall Road to request consideration by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT). WisDOT's review of Town Hall Road's unique and historic characteristics was ultimately successful, and Town Hall Road was inducted into the state's growing list of rustic roads. Signage was placed mid February. 


For folks interested in exploring the history of Town Hall Road and the surrounding area, Supervisor Hefty's comprehensive historical compilation can be viewed here, which was submitted to the WisDOT as part of the Town's application for rustic road status. 


An important, added benefit to rustic roads is their state-mandated speed limit of 45-mph. Be sure to slow down and enjoy the rustic beauty of Springdale along Town Hall Road.