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Town Hall Ventilation and Insulation Project - 2023

The Town of Springdale (2379 Town Hall Rd., Mt. Horeb) is seeking bids to improve insulation and ventilation in the 1980 town hall and garage. Contact Devin Dahlk at 444-5707 to schedule a site visit. Written bids should be sent to or delivered to Town Hall  no later than 4:00 PM on Monday, Feb. 20, 2023.

  • Project scope
    • Desired completion - 2023
    • Written evaluation of the current insulation/ventilation system, highlighting areas that need improvement or replacement and recommendations for the improvement/replacement. 
    • R-50 should be achieved in both the shop/garage and hall/office portions of the building. 
    • Before/after photos of the attic spaces are required.
    • Written certification of completed work, proof of insurance, and completed W-9 form will be required of selected contractor.
  • Structure details
    • Sidewalls - steel
    • Roof - corrugated steel
    • Hall/office - 50' long x 25' wide. Hall/office ceiling height 9'. Ceiling construction is drywall. 
    • Shop/garage - 100' long x 50' wide. Garage ceiling height is 15'. Ceiling construction is corrugated steel.