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Building Permits

There are 3 main* types of permits you may need for building projects in Springdale:

  1. a Wisconsin uniform dwelling code (UDC) permit [apply here],
  2. a Springdale accessory building permit, and
  3. Dane County permits (zoning/erosion control).

Use the information below to determine which permits you may need for your specific project. Applicants must secure proper Town and County approvals. Unpermitted work will incur double the permit fee. 

*If your building will house commercial activity, you may require a Conditional Use Permit (CUP). Contact the Plan Commission Administrator to determine if this applies to you.

Building inspections are provided by General Engineering Company (GEC). Inspections are required prior to concealing work. Items marked with an asterisk must also receive Town Board approval; click on the links for more information.
Permits are required for the projects listed below:
  • new homes/duplexes
    • portable/non-permanent structures over 120 sq. ft. 
  • decks
  • pools - permanent above or in-ground
  • solar arrays
  • structures over 120 sq. ft.
  • remodeling
    • additions that increase the physical dimensions of a building
    • alterations to the building's structure
    • alterations (except minor repairs) to the following systems:
      • electrical 
      • HVAC
      • plumbing
* Requires Town Board approval
The following do not require permits:
  • siding
  • roofing (unless a third layer of material is being added)
  • finishing interior surfaces
  • cabinetry
  • minor repairs (call inspector with questions)
  • septic systems (while septic systems don't require Town approval, they DO require Dane County approval. Work with your licensed professional or contact Public Health Madison Dane County)
  • loafing sheds, livestock feeders, chicken houses and other portable agricultural structures that, by design, are relocated on the land as part of a farm operation

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How do I obtain a permit?

If you are building an accessory or commercial structure, click here.  For all other projects (does my project require a permit?):

  1. For accessory or commercial structures, you will need Town-specific permits/approvals in addition to a UDC building permit. Click here to learn more.
  2. Apply for your UDC building permit by clicking here, or by contacting Chris Michaels, General Engineering Company, (608) 617-9632,


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What is the permit fee?

Fees are determined by the building inspector and/or Town ordinance/resolution. Fees must be mailed to the Town (2379 Town Hall Rd.) and be received/processed before permits can be released, and prior to being placed on a Town meeting agenda (if applicable).  

Town of Springdale Fees

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Accessory and Commercial Buildings

Accessory Buildings

If your proposed accessory structure is greater than 120 sq. ft. or if the proposed structure will result in the total square footage of all accessory buildings on your property exceeding 1500 sq. ft., you must obtain an accessory building permit (application below) from the Town. 

  1. Fill out and submit the accessory building permit application. Payment must be received prior to scheduling Town Board or Plan Commission review. Be sure to also review Springdale's Accessory Building Guide and Accessory Building Ordinance.

  2. Approval: If your proposed structure is between 120 and 1500 sq. ft., the Town Board chair can approve or deny the application outside of a Town Board meeting. If your proposed structure is greater than 1500 sq. ft. (or if the total square footage of the buildings on your property including the proposed building will exceed 1500 sq. ft.) the Plan Commission and Town Board will review your application for approval. Applications for PC/Board approval must be submitted and paid at least 2 weeks prior to the next applicable meeting date.

  3. Contact Dane County Zoning and Dane County Erosion Control to secure proper County approvals.
  4. After receiving Town and County approval, contact the building inspector to secure a UDC building permit and arrange for inspection(s) of your project.

Commercial Buildings

If the intended use of your accessory building is commercial (for retail sales/services) or any sort of business, you must first discuss your intent with the Town prior to applying for any rezoning or accessory building permits. Residents should review their current zoning district's permitted and conditional uses as well as Section 10 of the Springdale Land Use Plan where the limited, non-residential uses of land are outlined.

If you are interested in proceeding with a commercial building, please send an email to begin the process. Commercial buildings will require a rezone and/or a conditional use permit (CUP) prior to or in conjunction with accessory building approval.  

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